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Steel Pallets:

Please review the pictures of steel pallets that we have taken below. We have tried to show you how strong and durable these heavy duty steel pallets are.

These steel pallets are availabe in 48” x 40” x 6"; (120 cm x 100 cm x 15 cm) and only weigh about 60 lbs or 30 Kilos. Machine welded and built on a completely automated assembly line, our steel pallets will reduce your cost per trip with many turns.

If you would like to see more pictures of steel pallets, or have questions about them, please contact us. You are also always welcome to order samples of these steel pallets.

Of course we also offer custom steel pallets. Check out our custom metal pallets if you would like to design your own steel pallet.

Metal Pallet For Handling Dry Goods in the Tropics
Our metal pallets have reduced costs and eliminated mold in Guyana for 5 years in the coffee industry.

Metal Racks:

Motorcycle Shock Rack
Engine Rack

Utility Vehicle Bed Box Rack
OTR Truck Cooling Module Rack

Radiator Rack
Radiator Rack Collapsed

Drivers Seat Rack
Fender Rack

Windshield Rack
Counterweight Rack

Parts Rack
Transmission Rack

Trencher Shipping Crate
Bale Bumper Crate

Radiator Rack
Air Tank Rack

Motorcycle Shock Bag Rack
Tractor Hood Bag Rack

Window Rack
Mower Storage Crate

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